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Business Planing

Business Planning


Training Overview: A detailed introduction to the KEY element of any successful business - the business plan.  We help you consider and understand the different elements of the Business Plan so as to understand why and what you need to consider for your new business venture and how to structure and present it in a practical and persuasive style. We also spend time looking at what potential investors, funders or any other stakeholders are going to want to know about the business and how to present this within the Business Plan template. The training lasts 4 hours and is in a relaxed and informal setting where refreshments and cake are provided along with a 20-minute comfort break.

About the Business Plan:

A business plan is first and foremost for you, the business owner. It is a powerful tool for keeping you on track for success; and is essential if you are looking for business finance. A business plan considers all the areas you need to address when you start trading. We encourage you to consider what you are seeking to achieve and what your goals are. To consider external influences and what you can offer. To define what are you selling and to whom. To review your competitors and how you are going to differentiate yourself from them.

What others said about this course:
""Very informative and included situations personal to my own business that I can take away to think about for my future business plan"
"An enjoyable session with good information"
"Good conversation and learnt a lot more as the group relaxed. Finding out about financial assistance was an eye opener, and one more hurdle overcome personally"


Marketing for Business Planning

Over half of the Business Plan is centred around the need to look into what and how you will market your business.

Marketing puts the customer at the heart of your business through identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably. The training lasts 4 hours and is in a relaxed and informal setting where refreshments and cake are provided along with a 20-minute comfort break.


Our Marketing for Business Planning session addresses a mix of key issues:

- What offer you will produce (product /service)

- What you will charge (price)

- From where and how your offer will be delivered (place)

- How people will find out about your offer (promotion)

- Who are you customers and who will come into contact with them? (people)

- How efficient your systems are and why will people buy? (process)

- How favourable the customer experience will be (physical evidence)

This course will cover established techniques of collecting and analysing this information, and using it to support decisions and strategy. It will also demonstrate how to present this information in a structured, meaningful way within the business plan.

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