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Robert & Tracey Wilmot

Rose-May - The Handmade Shop

We only sell handmade items that have been made in the UK. We specialize in soaps and gifts. We are in Norton, Malton it is a shop on a busy street so we get lots of passing traffic and have a large window to display everything. We came up with it from our passion of making things and wanting to share this with others.

We had been open a couple of months when we first contacted Yorkshire in Business but we needed help to fine tune and get the building more up to date. Jenn Crowther at Yorkshire in Business met with us in our shop regularly, without her we would not have gone to virgin start up for investment she gave us the belief that we had something worth working on.

From there we received a Virgin mentor, Syed Shah he has been a great help given us direction, he told us exactly as it was from an outsiders view which was great as you can sometimes get blinded yourself and need new eyes.

Rose May - The Handmade Shop
14 Church St,
Norton, Malton,
YO17 9HS


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