Starting Up Wide

Coastal Business Start-up Programme

Coastal: The business Start Up Programme is aimed at helping people who have a fantastic business idea but do not know how to make it a reality.

We are particularly interested in hearing from people who live in the Whitby area and are out of work which may be a consequence of the recent pandemic.

There are two stages to applying for a place on the programme. Firstly, is completing a short
application form telling us a bit about yourself and your business idea. Secondly, if we like the sound of your form we will invite you to come along and pitch your idea to us.

If your pitch is successful you will be invited to take part in the programme. This includes a Business Essentials course which will involve 4 two hour workshops focusing on helping you to get your business started, writing a business plan and assessing the viability of your idea. You will also receive 3 one to one sessions with a business advisor who will provide any additional support needed.

As part of the Coastal Business Start-Up Programme you could also be eligible for grant funding. Eligible enterprises can apply for up to £2000 after attending all workshops and completing a HMRC registration. You will also need to produce a business plan and cash flow forecast.

Those enterprises who have continued to trade and provide evidence of this can then apply for a further £3000 to further develop the business. You will be asked to provide evidence, including defrayal, of how all monies are spent

At the end of the programme in December we hope to hold a networking session for all participants.

Please complete all sections below to apply for a place on the Coastal Start Up Programme.

The menu of training and support on offer at Yorkshire In Business is straight forward and very practical.

It aims to help you get your business idea off the ground as quickly as possible and for it to prosper and grow.

We offer a series of short and highly effective support interventions in the forms of courses, workshops and personal one-to-one sessions with experienced business advisers.

Our support sessions are designed as a whole programme or on a 'pick as you need' basis.

The support sessions are:

  • Initial 'drop-ins' where clients can meet the staff, be introduced to the services on offer and have an initial assessment of the business idea and their needs of support.
  • 'Preparing To Start A Business' workshop. A short 3 hour group session introducing people to the aspects of starting a business to assist in their decisions as to how to move forward.
  • 'Business Planning' course. A 5 hour course to assist people in producing a high quality, effective and persuasive business plan.
  • 'Marketing For Your Business' course. A 5 hour course to help you determine marketing strategy and activities which will suit your business.
  • 'Finance For Business Planning' course. A 5 hour course to assist you in putting together the necessary financial information to support your written business plan.
  • 'Simple Bookkeeping for Your Business' workshop. A 2 hour workshop to assist you in developing a simple system for keeping records suitable for your business.
  • 'Networking Skills For good Business' workshop. A 2 hour workshop to assist you in developing your networking opportunities and skills to help you find and nurture decent networking relationships.
  • 'Pitching for Business' workshop. A 2 hour workshop to assist you in developing an effective 'elevator pitch' or 'thumbprint presentation' to help you sell yourself and your business comfortably and effectively.
  • 'One-To-One Sessions'. Personal support meetings with a business adviser.

Any other support interventions which you may feel will assist in helping you develop yourself and your business.

Our philosophy behind our business services

We strongly believe that most individuals are likely to be capable of running their own business with the right attitude, willingness and motivations and given appropriate encouragement and support.

We aim to keep things simple, as easy and straight forward as possible. We work to uncover and discover peoples strengths, skills and passions. We also work with peoples fears, uncertainties, courage and confidence levels (wherever those levels may be).

We don't preach, demand or command. We run our support services in a friendly, relatively informal but very professional manner.

Charges - It's not FREE… There's just no charge for certain things!

Yorkshire In Business works with a very wide range of clients and we strive to give the highest quality support at all times.
Obviously, there are significant costs in running a high quality Business Support service.
Although there is no such thing as 'free', we are pleased to offer services the above services at a 'no-cost at point of delivery' subsidised rate. So there is no charge for our services. Eligibility for 'no charge' support is dependent on Government ERDF Funding
We can source this because we are a 'not-for-profit' Enterprise Agency. This means that we work with certain contracts (government enterprise, local authority, European funding, social funding, charitable foundations and trusts etc) which help fund our activities.

Note- Support at 'no charge' or subsidised support is dependent on us being accountable to our funders and for this, we will require our clients to provide necessary information, when required, as evidence of our activities and to demonstrate outcomes. This also helps us develop, maintain and retain our high quality and credible reputation in order that funders will continue to choose to work alongside us in providing the highest quality and best value service to our clients at all times.

We are very passionate about helping people develop themselves and their ideas.
We offer high quality business support, to both start up and established businesses. Please get in touch with today and see how we can help you. Please note that you may be asked to complete documentation prior to accessing our services, we will guide you so please don't let that put you off.